Who We Are and What We Do

CMEIG is Australia’s peak body for the Construction & Mining Equipment Industry. Our members manufacture and distribute equipment used in construction and mining applications throughout the nation.

We represent and support our members in the areas of:

  • safety, technical and public policy
  • marketing information
  • education & training
  • industry trade fairs, exhibitions & promotions

Our vision is to create an environment of active, member-led participation in all CMEIG’s activities.

Safety, Technical and Public Policy

  • Representing the industry in the development of standard and regulations that relate to our equipment and its use
  • Influencing public policy for the betterment of the industry

Marketing Information

  • Facilitate third party consolidation and dissemination of industry statistics
  • Presentation of an annual report detailing the status of the industry

Education and Training

  • Facilitate the development of curricular and training opportunitiesfor the industry’s specific requirements
  • Provide education and networking opportunities to help CMEIG members and their employees be more productive for their companies
  • Provide local forums for member engagement encouraging their active participation and two way communication

Industry Trade Fairs, Exhibitions & Promotions

  • Provide a forum for the industry to showcase the latest technology, equipment & services
  • Promote and encourage collaboration and networking across the industry
  • Develop and enhance cooperative relationships with industry organisations and aligned trade associations

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