Organisations of today experience different, and sometimes difficult pressures within teams. The safety of our employees should be paramount to the success and profitability of all businesses. Safety forms many areas – not just the physical side, but also health, mental health, risk and resilience of our people.

How are we leading our teams in the future around these areas? What trust Do they have trust, that in business we are providing the best we can to bring awareness and train our people in these areas?

In the modern world we live in, and the constant pressures we face, mental health is without doubt the number one epidemic in this country, and it’s spiralling out of control at a disturbing rate.

As work related injuries due to mental illnesses or inadequate (or ineffective) training are becoming more prominent, and with Mental Health Week and Safe Work Month approaching, we believe it’s more important than ever to raise awareness to these critical issues. Together we need to find solutions to present at our team training days to improve both their professional and personal lives around this area.

Do you have a mental health officer in your office? How are you addressing this within your teams?

Start a conversation about safety and mental health today. This forum showcases professionals who work with organisations in training teams on these specific areas.

Is the safety of your people a priority for your organisation? If so, then we welcome you to attend and hear from our expert presenters.

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Great Expectation Speakers and Trainers is a professional Speakers Bureau based in Brisbane. We work extensively in leadership and mental health in the resources and construction sectors, along with varying corporate and public sector organisations. Our speakers and trainers are professional at presenting powerful and educational content, and together we work to bring awareness and change to organisations with this event content.

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